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Beat Spring Break Boredom

Are you looking forward to entertaining your kids for 5 straight days during their upcoming spring break? If creating and planning activities, field trips, play dates and games to occupy your kids for 8 hours each day is not your cup of tea, there’s a better option – spring break camp!


Day camps are a perfect way to create spring break memories when you’re staying in town for the break. Here are 5 reasons why your child will love spring break camp:


  1. Sample New Activities: There are many exciting spring break options with different themes, like Mermaid Camp, Unicorn Camp and “Wicked Spell” Camp for girls who love those villain descendants that are so hot right now! Themed camps like these offer different crafts, games and even dessert decorating in the spirit of unicorns, mermaids, and descendants.


  1. Lower Adult to Child Ratios: Spring break camps often have smaller groups of kids. So your child has the opportunity for more one-on-one interaction with camp staff and you don’t have to worry that she’ll just get lost in the crowd of kids that often attend the more crowded summer camps.


  1. Meet New Friends: Smaller camps, like the ones at Girly Girlz, allow your child to bond with other kids at the camp, and even form lasting friendships as they craft, sing, dance and play together.


  1. Beat the Heat: Springtime in Phoenix and Scottsdale can already get hot so registering your child for an indoor camp means you don’t have to worry about her getting overheated, sunburned or even heat exhaustion. And there are so many fun indoor spring break camps to choose from!


  1. Plan for Summer Camp: Summer is just around the corner. Spring break camps offer an informative preview on what’s ahead for summer camp options so it’s a great time to try a new camp for just a day to see if your child wants to return for a week-long summer camp version.


Now that you have 5 reasons to send your child to spring break camp, there’s one more important thing you should know – spring break camps fill up quickly! Don’t wait to register your child because you risk the camps becoming sold out. To register for a Girly Girlz Spring Break Camp – where your girly will make tons of themed crafts, get a makeover session, decorate desserts, and more, visit GirlyGirlzAZ.com/Camps.